Contact OpaVote

Please see below for how to contact OpaVote for asking questions or obtaining paid support.

Questions about using OpaVote

Ask questions about OpaVote in our support forum. We will answer most questions within 24 hours. Please read our documentation and try a test election before asking a question.

If your question is about payments or relates to sensitive information, send an email to


OpaVote is meant to be fully self service, and we have provided extensive documentation to make it easy to use OpaVote. Our prices are low because we let the computers (and you) do all the work!

Because our prices are so low, we cannot offer free support. We are available for paid support for $50 for up to one hour of assistance. With paid support, we can :

Send an email to to request paid support.

Social Media

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Voter Questions

If you are a voter and have a question about an election, please contact the manager of the election.