Privacy Policy

In providing the online election services, OpaVote requests information about the election including but not limited to the manager's name and email address, the names of candidates, and the email addresses of voters. During the voting process, OpaVote may record, for each voter, whether the voter has voted, whether the voter has opted out of receiving election emails or reported the election email as spam, the IP address used by the voter, and other information provded in the HTTP headers (to deter fraudulent votes). For elections and polls conducted on Facebook, OpaVote may store a voter's Facebook id number to prevent duplicate voting and may post to a voter's wall. Collectively, this information is "Election Information."

OpaVote will not share the Election Information with any third party, except that OpaVote may:

After an election manager deletes an election from OpaVote, all email addresses, votes, and election results are permanently removed.

OpaVote uses Google App Engine and Sendgrid. Google and Sendgrid may record information concerning your use of OpaVote. Please see Google's Privacy Policy and Sendgrid's Privacy Policy for more information.

For questions about OpaVote's Privacy Policy, please send an email to

Last modified October 27, 2016.

Opt Out Policy

Voters in an election will receive an email informing them of their ability to vote in an election. OpaVote will not use the voters' email addresses for any other purpose. All emails to voters will include an opt out link to allow a voter to opt out of receiving emails for the election or to opt out of emails from all OpaVote elections. OpaVote may retain a voter's email address for the purpose of preventing further emails to the voter.

Last modified November 11, 2013.